Symantec Backup Exec 2012 bug report: ‘BE2012 was the horror’

I will not go as far as calling Symantec names like other bloggers do, for example ‘The Great Yellow Peril’, none of the name-calling in this post is by me, it all is from various blogs and forum posts and is indicated as such.

I use lots of software and all solutions have bugs. Before I try something new, especially in a critical area like backup, I’d like to read what people say about it. In my previous posts you can see the problems that I and many other people found with new VBR7 (Veeam Backup & Replication 7). One of the alternatives to this product is Symantec Backup Exec 2012. I made a research of what people say about it, trying to determine if it is a stable product. My findings prove that this product has major flaws and many problems. Here are some examples:

Backup Exec 2012 SQL agent brings SQL server 2005 to a crawl

- this is new version, but it crashes and support doesn’t help

Slow to backup Exchange 2010

- new version is slower, supposed to be the other way around

Backup exec 2012 crashes – system bug

- system slows down when BE is working (not good)

There is a huge post on SpiceWorks that sums up user experience with BE2012:

You can read it yourself, I’ll just say that BE2012 was not the best release for Symantec.

Here are some typical quotes:

‘Guys, DO NOT TRY TO UPGRADE!! I had it upgraded on 3 of my clients and interface looks very bad, very confusing.’

‘Backups that have the exact same settings in BE2010R3 and BE2012, the same hardware, same size of backup, same everything, used to take 10 hrs, now they take 16hrs!’

‘Backup size estimation is incredibly inaccurate. Some of my backups sit there at 100% for several hours before they finish.’

‘It is entirely baffling, with piles of graphics replacing succinct byte by byte reporting on progress of a job.’

‘After 15 years of BExec I’ll probably be looking elsewhere at CommVault etc.’

‘Installed 2012 this week. What a nightmare. Why is it so difficult to set up a simple job. I have a job running on 2010 that does a Diff on a SQL box every hour 8am to 6pm to disk.’

‘I’ve been struggling with BUE 2012 for over a month now and have come to absolutely hate it. The previous 5 versions that I’ve used were getting progressively worse, but 2012 has simply gone over the cliff – horrible.’
Why totally change the interface, resulting in an unoperational new product which is not comfortable to use even for a user of the older version? One would rather use a new product, than become familiar with a new interface.  If someone wanted to change this questionable software to smth different, BE2012 made them do it.

Later Symantec released SP1 to BE2012, but it didn’t matter much:

‘client side deduplication is failing on every server since SP1a one server still hasn’t had a job complete

Live Update always says SP1a needs to be applied’

Here is a funny one: ‘Just received a german Spiceworks Partner Promotion newsletter…Translated title: “Protect your virtual and physical environment with Backup Exec 2012″. No, thank you! I need reliable backups! Was that newsletter to be meant ironic?’

Finally, here is a story of IT consultants from Germany, that I picked up on Twitter:

BE2012 was the horror…

Backups and tape jobs randomly failed and VM backups didn’t work at all (even after the SP).

In the middle of 2012 CEO of Symantec was fired and while situation with BE2012 was definitely not the reason (the reason was bad stock performance), it certainly didn’t help. After that ‘bloated & slow’ Symantec ‘initiated a major reorganization to streamline the management’ which, hopefully will result in better software.

Again, like the last time, I ask you to add to my findings sending me feedback.

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