Veeam Backup & Replication 7 – total disaster

As you might know, VBR7 was launched late this August and since then many hundreds of customers were posting numerous bug reports on Veeam’s forums. I, myself, happen to be their customer and I decided to track the most critical bugs before I migrate my clients to a new version. So, this is my list, please, add what you think are other critical bugs, that I didn’t mention. – Critical issue and poor handling by support: it is a known issue in the old version of this software and you can see that posts in this thread date back to 2009. One might’ve expected that they’ll deal with this issue in the new version, but, unfortunately, it is still present. Very dissapointing.

As for Veeam tech support, one thing I noticed is that they were flooded so badly with bug reports this August-September that the only answer one could’ve gotten from them was: “Please, go read about this in the Knowledge Base on our website”. I’ve seen tons of replies like this on their support forums. Not very helpful, obviously, if you have a pressing issue and need a solution right away. – Complaints on BS called “WAN accelerator”: they’ve added a new useless gizmo that became a problem in itself causing new complaints. Why add new buggy useless feature? – Poor Performance on File verification and againg support send the customer back to User Guide. Yeah. Right. – Random errors are usual thing for a new complex software, but with VBR7 one just gets too many which is frustrating. You get the error, go to their tech support forum and there they say to review the docs again. OOOOOOOOOOk! – Dropped support for still quite popular W2K3 x64 (this can be expanded to a problem with upgrade at Customer’s site, who wants to backup to tape, etc)

These are the most critical bugs and issues, as I see it.

If you noticed other critical issues, please, comment, add you feedback.

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12 thoughts on “Veeam Backup & Replication 7 – total disaster

    • I am doing my own research and those are not the bugs that I caught, rather they were caught by someone else, but I decided to bring attention to the most critical ones, which is important as there are so many of them, BTW just how many bugs are there in the new VBR7, Rick, do you guys keep count? I mean, it is an ordeal to rollout the new software version, but how do you guys yourself determine which are the most critical bugs and is there a list of them?

      • Regarding critical bugs: in our definition, any bug that results in unrecoverable backup produced, or production data corruption. Only one such bug is reported on v7 so far (in 1 month), and it has a very small scope. Nevertheless, the hotfix is already available. We document critical bugs in our support KB, and there is a dedicated Veeam forum sticky too.

        Any other bugs, we don’t normally differentiate between them. ALL issues our customers come to support are hotfixed (unless there is an easy workaround, or extremely minor). The hotfix is provided to a customer, and included in the patch release that we do once every few months (kind of service pack). At this time, we have about 60-70 change sets included in the upcoming patch, however not all of those are bug fixes – part of those are enhancements in the new functionality based on the first feedback.

        I’ve been with Veeam since version 1, and v7 has been the most solid release we’ve ever had (especially considering the amount of new functionality). I guess I can say we disagree on the definition of “total disaster” in the blog post title :) to me, this was the most successful major release in history of Veeam.

        Regarding specific items you listed:
        1. The issue is not specific to v7. There is no case ID, so I cannot be sure – but this might be one of the issues we are working with Microsoft on right now.
        2. Not a product issue. There are no complaints in this thread, rather proper deployment considerations dialog. Faster WAN requires faster hardware involved in WAN acceleration. I do disagree with “useless gizmo” assessment on the feature that saves almost 100x WAN bandwidth, as per numbers OP himself has posted in this topic.
        3. Not a product issue. Verification speed is determined by backup storage speed. Performance reported is not poor, but rather expected for a lower end NAS on 1Gb LAN, especially if there are other workloads hitting the same NAS. Faster backup storage would result in faster verification.
        4. Not a product issue. The problem looks to be specific to storage used (RDX), no similar reports from users using other backup storage. Moreover, we are using the same functionality internally.
        5. Not a product issue. Why: we’ve run a poll among our users before making this decision, the results speak for themselves Note that the poll was run over 1 year ago, so you can adjust results even further towards more latest Windows versions.

        Hope this answers your questions and concerns at least partly.

    • sorry, but I am kinda paranoid about these things: I do not use social networks as they tend to take up all of my time, except for Twitter (my Twitter is @VirtualBackupSC) and I do not give out my email, but you can contact me on Twitter.

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  4. I tried using Veeam when it was still version 5/6 and got freaked out with similar issue like yours. Then switched to some other solutions such as Acronis and ShadowProtect. However, as most of my VM clients were those using ESXi free version and these solutions just didn’t support VM level backup for ESXi free version. Then I found Cloudbacko which works like a charm for VM level backup of ESXi free version. You should take a look into it. Here’s their site:

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